JUL-960 Kana Morisawa Business Trip Entertainment That Continued To Be Vaginal Cum Shot By The Arrogant President Of The Business Partner

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JUL-960 JAV Kana Morisawa – Kanako Ioka I wonder if I was entrusted with a large-scale business talk that took a lot of luck and decided to leave my husband for a business trip for 3 days. The reason she was entrusted with this contract That’s because the business partner, President Ozawa, was a man famous for “woman lovers” and “arrogance.” She was planning to make her transaction successful with Kana, who is the most beautiful woman in the company. When her entertainment begins, her boss Sato is lightly crushed, and the remaining Kana is exposed to excessive sexual harassment rather than her color scheme. In contrast to her heart and refusal to caress her Ozawa, her body is led to the climax many times.


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